Freedom of Content Ownership

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Marketing Content Ownership

July is a month we celebrate freedom, but do you have freedom with your current marketing service provider? Freedom of ownership, to create original content, and transparent results are important to our team and make our service unique compared to other marketing firms. Below we discuss why business owners should consider these things before signing on the dotted line to ensure the success and longevity of their marketing infrastructure. 

Freedom of Content Ownership

When partnering with a marketing company, one crucial detail often gets overlooked – content ownership. Depending on the fine print of a contract, the termination of a brand collaboration could mean potentially losing all content created over the duration of the contract. This loss could affect an organization’s website and social media platforms. We have encountered several instances where clients must re-invest in previously completed work because there was no transfer of ownership upon the termination of the contract. At 7Twelve Marketing Solutions, we take on a direct approach and ensure that all content created for those that partner with us belongs to them entirely. Additionally, our operations model includes access to files located on a shared cloud where clients always have access!

Freedom to be Original

Our belief in content ownership drives us to improve our approach to strategy and design with creative freedom. We are committed to providing original content exclusively for your brand. Meaning, we do not use duplicated copy, images, or branding on another company’s platforms. Our imagination remains unrestrained by any influence of mass-produced ideologies and one-size-fits-all solutions. Often, we avoid taking accounts that could be viewed as a conflict of interest to our existing clients to reiterate our integrity and commitment to their success. 

Freedom to Succeed

Our acceptance and embrace of change allow us to use it as leverage to benefit our success and the success of our partners. We regularly monitor the performance of your investment and communicate those results. Our willingness to evaluate and be transparent sometimes results in a strategy adjustment. Beware of firms that do not openly share results or share irrelevant results; they may not be flexible in their approach. Lack of transparency is also an indication that it is a one size fits all operations model. We strive to be an extension of your team, resulting in open communication and evolution with the needs of a business to ensure success, even in seasons of change. 

If you are looking to experience a marketing firm that delivers original strategy, content ownership, and transparency in results, contact 7Twelve Marketing Solutions today for your free consultation.

Follow along as we break down marketing trends and share helpful tips to keep your business ahead of the competition.

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