A Brand is Much More than a Logo

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Many factors go into building a brand, and it is much more in depth than creating a graphic for a logo.  A brand is what makes you distinguished in a competitive market and determines perceptions based on first impressions. Whether forming a new business venture or rebranding an existing one, a strong brand identity is the foundation to success and has the potential to change the trajectory of a business.  Below, 712 marketing solutions shares a glimpse into our branding process for business owners to be aware of considerations that should be made during the branding process.

Research & Discovery

           Our team takes pride in understanding your brand’s purpose, goals, and vision. We learn more about your company by completing an onboarding marketing questionnaire, typically taking one to two hours. This process allows 712 to quickly determine what you need, what you do not, or what might need for a redesign. Questions asked include: What are the organizations fiscal goals?  What are the organizations revenue streams?  Who are the target demographics?  If you don’t know the answers to those questions, our team is here to help you research and identify them.  We can even perform market research to confirm that your company is headed in the right direction according to market demands.

After completing the onboarding consult, we will set up an additional session to take a deep dive into the demographic profiles, personality types, and characteristics.  After this exploratory meeting, we will identify your brand’s story and the reason behind your brand. Also it will provide a better understanding of how to display your brand visually, to connect emotionally and mentally with your target audience.

The Beginning of Your Brand

           After all the intake information has been reviewed, our team will create a brand kit for you. Initially our brand service includes three different logo and slogan options with an explanation of what the logo stands for and how it encompasses your brand.  Once final selections have been made, a brand kit is provided with all your company’s brand elements, including your brand story, mission statement, core values, slogan, color palette, font styles, logo options, and how to apply it to build your organization’s visual identity.

Seven Twelve Marketing Solutions branding process ensures that your story and vision are communicated clearly and withstands the test of time. Incorporating a brand kit in your marketing program is effective whether you perform marketing functions in house or with multiple vendors and ensures consistency throughout all of your marketing content and platforms. If you continue supporting services with our, we further reinforce your brand throughout all content and platforms. This cohesive service creates more than a brand. It builds a legacy.   If you are interested in branding services, contact our team today.  We are excited to help you build the future you envision!

Follow along as we break down marketing trends and share helpful tips to keep your business ahead of the competition.

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