Achieving EXCELLENCE is not always the easiest path, but it is our primary motivation at 712 Marketing Solutions.  We are dedicated to finding the best possible solutions and direction for our clients. We promise to approach ALL endeavors with a spirit of EXCELLENCE with our clients, within our organization, and within our community.



Our energy that is brought to the table each day directly impacts the outcome of our work. We strive to bring a positive and tireless energy each day in order to deliver our partners and colleagues the best possible results.


Our vision is free to be outside of the box and societal norms. We are liberal in our use of imagination and foresight to establish goals and direction for ourselves and our partners .


Our acceptance and embrace of change allows us to use it as leverage to benefit our own success and the success of our partners. Status quo isn’t good enough for us, and we will always seek out future driven solutions.


Our firm began with the experience and spirit of entrepreneurship. Owner, Amelia Swart served as founding partner in a successful Architectural and Engineering firm before launching 712 Marketing Solutions. In addition, she served as a founding Partner in Centrum Construction, a turnkey shell and component manufacturing firm. This experience and entrepreneur philosophy ensures that we are well equipped to assist other entrepreneurs with a cohesive service from inception to realization of success!