“Distinguished at First Sight”


Achieving EXCELLENCE is not always the easiest path, but it is our primary motivation at 712 Marketing Solutions.  We are dedicated to finding the best possible solutions and direction for our clients. We promise to approach ALL endeavors with a spirit of EXCELLENCE with our clients, within our organization, and within our community.


Seven Twelve provides an integrated marketing service to ensure consistency throughout our client’s marketing infrastructure. This cohesive service creates more than a brand, it creates a legacy.  

Our Strategy Development services include designing an action plan base on your current marketing program while considering short term and long term goals.

For organizations that don’t have the time or marketing director to manage your marketing program, we can help by overseeing your marketing plan through facilitating internal meetings, tracking and analyzing metrics and encouraging accountability within your organization.

First impressions are crucial to captivating an audience.  Seven Twelve’s branding or re-branding services provide more than just a logo.  Our process ensures that the organizational story and vision are communicated clearly throughout the buying or donation content and experience.

Let our team provide consistent content  on multiple digital platforms and advertising mediums through captivating graphics and valuable copy that engages the target audience.

From press releases to networking and expo and event representation, our team is truly an extension to your team with our public relations and networking services.

Our team can manage or provide the supportive services such as photography, videography, technical writing, and more to ensure the marketing strategy is successfully achieved with minimal delays and  consistency.


Read all about it! Follow along as we break down marketing trends and share helpful tips to keep your business ahead of the competition.